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Russian Brides Seeking Family Happiness Online

The mysterious charm of beautiful Russian women has been an inspiration for poets and ordinary men alike for centuries. Some get attracted to young girls with enough energy to take the world by storm, while others prefer mature ladies of incredible finesse. So, what can you do about that uncontrollable drive to marry a gorgeous Russian woman and keep her in your life forever? There is hardly a man in the USA or the EU who would willingly deny the opportunity to meet and date a Russian girl.

But this mystery also often turns out to be the thing that stops all these men from pursuing their dream. “Why am I so driven to these women? What do I really know about them? Do Russian women make good wives? How can I be sure that I will be happy in such a marriage?” To make an informed decision of a lifetime, all these questions need to be illuminated.

The lack of information leads to a variety of myths and sometimes polar opposite opinions. One can hear people say that Russian girls are more stay-at-home types. Others claim that there are hardly more extraordinary socialites in the world. This ambiguity of opinion often prevents gentlemen who would otherwise go online, mail order Russian brides, and live happily ever after. Instead of answering which opinion is more correct, we would like to provide a more in-depth insight into their mentality and upbringing. We will also tell you how dating services work to connect bachelors with their future Russian wives and you can impress your Russian bride-to-be so that she also had no second thoughts about leaving the Russian brides club and joining the happy wives club with your hand in hers.

What makes hot Russian brides so hot

The most evident answer to the question “Why would any gentleman jump at the opportunity to snatch himself one of those Russian brides?” is because of her gorgeous looks. This is the first fact that comes to your mind when you begin to think about Russian women. That said, it is entirely naive to think all Russian women are uniform. If they were, they would hardly be able to seem good-looking to every man. So, their beauty is always individual, and every gentleman can undoubtedly find a perfect match just for him. But doesn’t it also mean that some Russian ladies are less good-looking than others? Once again, this is a somewhat shallow and naive way to look at it. To have an abundant understanding of the issue, one should ask oneself – why do Russian women look the way they do?

History is the first place that can provide some explanation. If we ask ourselves why some people are more physically attractive than others in general, the first factor to blame would always be the gene pool. In particular, women in the West had to undergo something of a negative selection back in the Middle Ages. Witch hunters would blame everything in which a woman can excel on a pact with the devil. And the most eye-catching thing in which a woman can excel is, of course, her outstanding appearance. Hence, most women who looked prettier than they should have were effectively exterminated along with their genes. Another reason behind it may have been the envy of in-bred aristocrats who wanted to eliminate the “competition” from more beautiful and healthy “smallfolk” women. Nonetheless, a vast portion of genes was lost, and today, we can observe the consequences.

It would be unfair to claim that people in the other corner of Europe were more enlightened at the time, but the approach to witch hunting was drastically different. In fact, a significant portion of people in Russia are still superstitious about witches and witchcraft, but the common belief is that a witch is old and ugly, but never young and beautiful.

There is, however, only so much one can gain from genetic heritage. Anybody who has ever been concerned with their looks knows that they demand hard work. Hot Russian brides understand it better than anyone. These women are keen on fitness and healthy lifestyle to make themselves look as great as they feel. They also follow all the latest trends in style and fashion to be able to pick the dresses that underline their unquestionable advantages and distract the attention from the features that – for the time being – demand a slight improvement. One shouldn’t mislead oneself into thinking that these women do it with the sole purpose of “blinding,” charming, and trapping men. For her, the latter is no excuse to “let herself go” and stop caring about her health and looks – especially if he knows how to appreciate it.  

What about the inner beauty of Russian women?

A beautiful woman may be a pleasure to look at, but nobody marries a mannequin. Russian ladies understand that even the most stunning looks do not make them “marriage material.” From the earliest age, they forge and nurture personality traits that, as they deem it, will make them enviable wives and mothers. This is what makes Russian women for marriage such desirable brides for men worldwide. They can be successful businesswomen or prominent professors without even having to face a choice between their careers and their families. However, beautiful Russian brides will always prioritize the latter over the former because becoming a full-time housewife is, by all means, a better opportunity than ending up single.

It is worth noting that Russian girls are always at peace with their soft side. For them, being feminine is not a sign of weakness, so the prospect of adopting traditionally feminine roles and devoting their lives to a traditionally feminine role in a family does not disgust or intimidate them. On the contrary, they like to underline feminine traits in their looks and attitude.

As soon as you begin to communicate with Russian brides online, you will see that even twenty-something girls reveal extraordinary maturity and responsibility. This is because, in Russia, it’s common for people to start working as early as they can, often even during high school, without taking the time to figure out what they want to do with their lives, to “enjoy the best years of their lives and live them to the fullest” or any of that vanity.

Young girls are no exception. University education is also more common for girls in Russia than in most other countries. So, she goes to school, has a job, and yet manages to remain good-looking and healthy at all times. When a man comes who can liberate her from the necessity to go to work, abandoning her healthy lifestyle and attention to her looks will be the last thing to cross her mind. On the contrary, she will be delighted to have more time that she can spend on what truly matters to her – being a spectacular wife and a loving mother. This will allow her to realize herself to the fullest and apply all her skill and creativity as she does so.

That is, of course, not to say that she will be eager to lock herself in the kitchen 24/7. She will still find enough time to devote herself to several hobbies or interests. Perhaps, she will even find herself a part-time job to fulfill her ambition in one or more of her many interests. But, once again, if it comes to a point where she has to choose between that and her family, she will always prioritize the latter and try to realize the mentioned interests within the family. These interests may include all sorts of craft that will turn your home into a work of art to show off to your peers and friends. And – most importantly – unlike many women from most other cultures, she will not regard it as a chore. On the contrary, she will take pride in these accomplishments, and she will love being appreciated for all the effort she puts in it. Everybody knows that even such no-brainer errands as ironing will be done better when done with love, and this is precisely the case.

But – have no illusions – even if instincts and intuition do play a part in such attitude, she will most likely rationalize them as means to achieve her greater goal – to contribute to creating a happy family which, as she knows well enough, is only possible in a cozy and comfortable home. If you share this dream of a happy family in a cozy home, then you are sure to appreciate Russian mail order wives.

Time to eat! Russian women and their cooking

You may wonder why we still haven’t mentioned this aspect of family life. Well, it is only because it deserves a few separate paragraphs. Another reason is that Russian cooking skills are world-famous. Everybody knows that when you date Russian women and take them out to a restaurant, you get charmed, but only when she cooks for you – there is no way back. At that moment, you realize that you are bound to be among the happiest husbands in the world.

As much as a Russian lady appreciates it when you take her to a restaurant, she will not go there to eat. She will go there for socializing reasons – to wear a fancy dress and let you show off to people what a gorgeous woman you have; wining and dining will come secondary at best. Needless to point out that she will be perplexed by the idea of turning it into a daily activity (unless you’re on vacation). She likes to go out on special occasions, but turning it into a daily routine will inevitably take away the “special” part.

Have no doubt, you will have a delicious home-cooked meal daily, but this will also never turn into a routine. Russian women hate the word “routine” (and it even has a negative connotation in the Russian language). She will never get tired of perfecting her cooking skills to treat you (and your children) with something extraordinary every day. She will find hundreds of most unexpected ways to combine her family’s cooking traditions which she inherited from her mother and grandmother with innovations that she has just come up with based on what caught her eye at the marketplace.

The lasting habit of home cooking persists partially because people in the West are used to tasty sushi and burgers which they had access to for decades now. In the former East Bloc, on the other hand, when fast food was first introduced back in the 80s-90s, it was literally junk food. The situation has only changed relatively recently. When you go to Russia to meet your bride-to-be, you will be able to order edible sushi or pizza (in the unlikely chance that it comes to that). But people still treat takeaway food with distrust and frowning and only resort to it when other options run out.

Putting it briefly, if many women in the West cook only on special occasions, Russian women are used to cooking, and a non-home-cooked dinner is a special occasion for them. Renowned chefs may spend years trying to figure out that magical ingredient that turns her coleslaw into a work of art. The secret, meanwhile, will be right before your very eyes – it is her utmost care and sincere love for the one for whom she cooks it – you.

Russian women’s standpoint on family values

Based on what we have described, you may think that finding a loving husband and creating a family to care about is the primary lifetime goal for a Russian girl. Great as it may sound, it is an understatement. A lifetime goal can be to visit some alluring exotic location, to get a doctor’s degree, to become the President, etc. As for creating a family and devoting her life to being an excellent wife and mother, it is something more than just a goal for a Russian girl. It is an integral part of her nature, deeply embedded in her personality. She may even put it aside for some time in favor of pursuing different goals – career, education, etc., but this priority will always be there.

When you go to a dating agency website, you see that all those girls have diverse hobbies and interests. Many of them have a bachelor’s or even master’s degree or are on their way to get one. Some of them even have sustainable careers and are valuable experts in their fields of work. One might think that such a woman is not in a desperate position to look for her fate on a dating website. We all need to realize that desperation is the last thing motivating her to do it. What motivates her is the powerful drive to find a reliable gentleman with whom she can create a family, which, as we have mentioned, is embedded in her nature.

According to this nature, she expects her man to be both gentle and confident – a devoted breadwinner and a loving husband and father. Same as any other family, her dream family divides all the responsibilities in two. A man’s responsibility is to lead and protect, and her responsibility is to make him feel comfortable and confident as he does so. This, surely, does not mean that you will be required to do some hazardous heroic deeds to impress her and prove her that you are indeed the one for her. On the contrary, in exchange for simply providing and caring for the family, she will do everything (in her power, of course) to make you feel like a proper hero!

By “everything in her power” we mean all that cooking and other household activities, remaining good-looking for her husband at all times, as well as taking care of the children. The latter deserves a few words separately.

Russian women are known to distrust babysitters. You should understand that this is not out of meanness. The reasoning goes way deeper. For her, a child is an extension of its parents, and it’s their duty to make sure that this extension never goes the wrong way even in the most minor details. Such dire responsibility cannot be trusted to just anybody, even with the best recommendations. On the rarest of occasions when she cannot take care of the baby herself, she will at all times prefer to ask a relative to babysit rather than hire a stranger for the job.

What brings them to becoming Russian mail order brides

Despite all their femininity, you must know that Russian girls are as proud as any lady should be. They know that they deserve love and happiness in their family lives. As such, it often happens that Mr. Right is nowhere to be found in her nearest vicinity. This is not necessarily because of her unjustified expectations but more often because of the objective demographic situation in Russia. There are significantly more single Russian women than men. Hence, it only makes sense to look for your Mr. Right outside your comfort zone and go online. This is what drives all those gorgeous Russian women online.

Besides, with such a demographic situation, the logical outcome is that Russian men often underappreciated women. Hot Russian women, in turn, refuse to take it and look for a gentleman who knows how to love and care for his woman elsewhere. Especially today, when the Internet is accessible, and online dating knows no boundaries.

What men do Russian brides seek?

Naturally, there are as many answers to this questions as there are Russian mail order brides. Every woman is unique and sees her own Prince Charming differently. There is, however, something resembling a common denominator – a set of traits and features necessary for any gentleman willing to impress a Russian lady:

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