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  • Date with older guy: 87%
  • Reply rate: 90%
  • Beauty: 9.6
  • Popular age: 18 - 50
  • Profiles: 17 827 890
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  • Visit rate: 9.5
  • Fraud: Rarely
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Ashley Madison
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Pros and cons

  1. Exceptionally clear cut, user-friend layout and navigation
  2. Free for women
  3. Free sign up
  4. It is free for everyone to visit and view profiles
  1. No automatic matching features

Ashley Madison Review

Most recently, the dating website named Ashley Madison has been grabbing a lot of attention thanks to its edgy mainline: “Life is short. Have an affair”. After such a statement it is natural, that the website has over 5 million customers. Are they all real or is there a good portion of fake profiles? It will be hard to reveal the truth on my own, but let’s see what we can get. 

Ashley Madison About Itself 

Ashley Madison is mainly created for people who are already engaged in relations and seek to find an extramarital affair. We create a community without prejudice for those who need an adrenaline injection in their married life. If you are one of the singles on our site, please have some patience, as people in a relationship have much more to risk than you.

What It’s Like to Be a Member

Like almost all of the dating websites, Ashley Madison has a free registration. What was new to me as that I was offered with a list of “special users” near my location the second I logged in on the website. That was quite strange as later I failed to find these same people again. Also, it seems like their location filter is not working flawlessly, as I’ve been recommended with users who were slightly beyond my searching radius.

The internal design of the main page also felt slightly different. The side window of chat allows to chat with one person and at the same time look at other members’ profiles. Quite a useful tool for those who value their time this much…As Ashley Madison is the site where people look for adultery, it offers several additional options to people to help them hide their personalities. All pictures you upload on your profile can be edited or simply blurred.  Well, no wonder people here want to remain discreet.

What you can do as a free user? You can look but you can’t touch. A free member can review other profiles, but cannot send messages. In order to send a message to another member, you will need to spend 5 credits (internal site currency) on the operation. Can free users receive messages, though? I am sure they are supposed to able to receive, but I didn’t have a chance to find out, unfortunately.

I was looking for reviews from other people and stumbled across a few individuals who volunteered to comment. One of them was lucky and said to have found a few affairs there already. The other two gentlemen weren’t so satisfied, as I was the only one user to ever reply to them.

Uncommon Features

Apart from being a unique site where people specifically come to cheat on their spouses, Ashley Madison also has a few quite uncommon features:

·         It’s not necessary to write all the information on your account. You can simply leave most of the fields blank if you want to. Apart from a few mandatory questions you free to reveal as much about yourself as you want;

·         Ashley Madison has a few more romance options than simple “looking for men” or “looking for women”. You can choose some particular options like “looking for a virtual romance” or “anything”;

·         You must fill in your weight and body type. Since everybody here looks for sexual relations, these pieces of information are quite useful.

What is also worth attention is a peculiar money-back guarantee on Ashley Madison. The website offers you a possibility to get the three-month plan refunded (which is worth $250) if you fail to actually hook up with anybody. This is called “Affair Guarantee” and you can apply to it if you meet the following conditions:

·         Fill in all pieces of information on your page, upload an image and be an active user for no less than 90 days;

·         You must send at least 5 presents to other users;

·         Minimum 60 minutes of chatting is required per every 30 days;

·         You must message at least 20 different users within 30 days;

·         Terms and Conditions must be strictly followed

If after 90 days you have no success with finding an affair, you can apply to that money-back guarantee and ask to refund 1000 credits plan which costs $250. Mind that requests should be sent in 30 days before the program ends.

How Much Does It Cost?

Having a free membership is cool, but it’s not very beneficial for Ashley Madison users. In order to actually start an affair, you will need at least to talk to somebody, and messaging here is impossible without credits. How much for the credits? You can purchase 100/500/1000 credits plans for $50/150/250 (the 1000 credit plan includes the “Affair Guarantee”). Let’s review the basic paid features on Ashley Madison:

·         Gifts. Each gift comes for 20, 30 or 50 credits;

·         Chatting has a cost of one credit per minute. You can purchase 30 minutes or 60 minutes of chat.

·         A simple messaging is actually paid here. You pay 5 credits for the first messages that create a contact. After the contact is established, you don’t pay for any other messages to/from this specific user anymore.

You can pay with a credit card, PayPal or Western Union.

Is It Worth it?

That is for you to decide. I will try to lay out all the general information I’ve managed to gather. The communication process on Ashley Madison is pleasant and fairly easy thanks to its plain and minimalistic design. As the majority of users here are married, they have a strong motivation to stay anonymous and the website offers the required tools for it (picture editing, blur). If you want to reveal your identity to another person you can do it by sending them a private key that removes blur and additional website editing on your pictures. There is plenty of fish on Ashley Madison (more than 5 million users, remember?), so you will have quite some time at your disposal to take a closer look at each user and find yourself a perfect match. Some people are happy with the services, others are not. I wasn’t able to find anybody in that little amount of time that I used to test the website. All that I can say – just stay cautious and you should be fine.

Before signing up also consider the fact that there was a huge security breach in 2015 which resulted in the user database being leaked on the Internet. Ashley Madison claimed to have reinforced their security after the accident.

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