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  1. Most features are paid

Adult Friend Finder Review

Through years nothing concerning making new contacts changes. Do you remember yourself at middle school when you thought about talking to a stranger? This moment should remember everyone as it left a mark on everyone. So as not to expose yourself to such stress, try online chatting. 

What are the benefits of such type of making contacts?

  1. Avoids fear of failure
  2. Much easier than sitting at the bar or cafe hoping to meet someone
  3. It is more likely to succeed

Making friends online is rather widespread and flourishing. Subsequently, you have an opportunity to find a legitimate online dating website for adults on the Internet. The privilege of such sites is that you can find people who share similar interests without many efforts. One of the examples of such dating platforms is 

Are you one of those who is scrolling the Internet searching for partners at work and fear no one notices it passing by your seat? 

Our position: You are mistaken concerning AdultFriendFinder.

Friends with benefits

The Internet is teeming with opinions that AdultFriendFinder is a place where you can “join the world’s most populous community of sex swingers.” If you are not the first day in the search for a dating site, then perhaps you have come across similar statements. This platform is probably the most populous online dating platform for obtaining swift sexual affairs, weekly matches, and everything that is associated in your mind with sex. 

Obscene content, open vulgar photographs, and calls to action that push visitors to specific acts of a sexual nature are an excellent option for those who are looking for free, non-binding relationships. But such services go against the expectations of those people who sincerely tried to make friends.

According to statistics, monthly visits to the AdultFriendFinder service reach 25 million people, which is more than six times higher than the attendance of eharmony competitors. Most of the users of the service are representatives from the United States, the number of which is more than half among all users. The United Kingdom and Canada are slightly behind. AdultFriendFinder is in the top 50 sites for adults, ranking 42nd in the US and 713 in the world.

Among the vital information, it would be nice to note the ratio of men and women on this service, but, unfortunately, we could not find this information. But monthly, thousands of men and women are registered for the service, which indicates that there is a sufficient number of men and women and everyone could find himself a couple. We believe that possessing this information is more helpful than knowing the numbers.

This site is sex-oriented

Are you ready to invest 30 seconds of your time to get what you want? This time you will need to register.

The general information that is required of you:

– email (where confirmation of registration will come)

– nickname (username is not always valid)

– password (which you will enter each time you use the service).

A photo or profile photo is not a prerequisite, but you understand that this will increase your chances of acquiring an acquaintance. If you are looking for specific emotions or you have unique desires that you would like to satisfy, you can mention this information in your profile.

You can fill in the profile the information that you consider significant, starting from the color of your eyes and ending with your preferences in bed. The more information you fill in about yourself, the higher you will be in ranging users. Accordingly, in this way, it will be easier for you to find a partner. Do not forget that each person has his fetish; it can be either the length of hair or its color, or the type of figure. Therefore, expose and enter everything that you are ready to tell about yourself to a stranger and find it significant and vital for new acquaintances.

Do not think that here you are valued only as meat, your inner world also matters. There will always be those who appreciate the inner world more than the outer. But still, it is a dating site for intrigues, so when registering on it, you should understand that on the other side of the screen, a person has specific hopes for you.

To determine what you are ready to go into a relationship, the service provides a purity test. This test consists of 100 questions that are written in a fun manner so that you are not embarrassed. This information is entirely appropriate when you register on a sex dating site so that the other person does not cross your boundaries.

The site AdultFriendFinder still evaluates first and foremost appearance to choose an attractive partner. Everyone has their preferences, taste so that you two would be comfortable with your connection, then discuss in advance essential issues that bother both of you.

Finding a match

Have you ever had experience with dating sites? At this point, AdultFriendFinder doesn’t differ from others. How does it work? It offers you a selection of potential partners that are highlighted at the top of your home page. (Did you know that if you enter your zip code, the service will find you approximately 95,000 possible matches?)

In case you fill in only standard information, the proposed selection will seem quite random. Still, if you approach the issue consciously, mention your preferences, the range will fit you better. How to make it better?! 

Renew your preferences to improve the list of potential partners: determine your favored sex, age variety, place and distance range, nationality, figure shape, and relations status. 

After all these implementations, you could receive the notification who is online at the same time as you are, which connections are nearby, notifications concerning new users who recently liked or messaged you, etc.

Your news feed will be quite impressive. After you indicate your sexual preferences, you will see photos of men or women of your choice in the feed. Moreover, you do not have to wait long to see a naked picture, as it is the common thing for such a website. You will begin to notice that everything around you has come to life, rejuvenated, and you will want to feel what it is. Therefore, if you are not already on this platform, sign up for AdultFriendFinder.

There is some similarity between AdultFriendFinder and PornHub, with which you are probably already familiar. I think it’s not worth mentioning that when you visit this site, you need to be alone. It is not one of those sites that you can scroll at work or while returning home by public transport.

On this site, there are two packages: free and premium, which is called a gold membership. You understand what the advantages of gold membership are, but believe me: you will find quite a few engaging and exciting on the free version.

Did you notice message filtering on your Gmail account by read ones and important? Here’s a similar approach to message filtering. I don’t know how relevant the functions of marking messages as important are, talking into an account that on this service, all connections are often formed once and are maintained for one meeting. But if the developers implemented such an opportunity, then it was a necessity. Right?

It’s immediately noticeable who sends out mailing lists for all accounts on the network or according to some sample, and who writes to you individually.  It can be distinguished from the text of the message itself. If a person took the time to study your profile, then most likely, there will be some mention of it, such as “Oh, I saw you’re interested in …” or “I like your eye color” or something similar, personalized. It is always lovely to receive this kind of message. Messages from users are diverse: aggressive, vulgar, funny, or strange.

Do not expect a person to spend months on you to make an appointment as a result. This service was created for other purposes. Acquaintances are made quickly, once, often of a frivolous nature. If you lack dynamics in your life, everyone around is slow, then you have already guessed where to look for this kind of match for one night.

It’s actually not that bad, though

On the site, you can meet users with unusual nicknames, such as those that include the number 69. It is not difficult to draw an analogy of why such a profile name is. Your news feed will consist of lots of nude photos, vulgar videos, which will satisfy your demand and desire. We previously mentioned that the service has a paid version of the site, which opens up a sea of ​​new opportunities for you. But for some features, you will have to pay over this.

The design of the platform is clear even to novice users who did not know what the Internet was just yesterday. It is unlikely that there are any, but this association will give you an understanding of the simplicity and clarity of the interface. Each function of this service is highlighted in capital letters. The notifications you receive from the service are marked accordingly so that you understand where the message came, where someone liked you or appeared nearby. Half an hour is enough to create an account, get acquainted with the interface and functions of the platform.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the list of recommendations that will help improve your profile:

1. Find people who appeal to you and send a friend request

2. Start chatting with someone (the person doesn’t need to be on your list of friends)

3. Wink at someone (this is an easy way to make it clear to a person that you are fascinated by him and an equally mild way to get a reaction, it is even more likely than a response to a message; if a person is interested in you mutually, he will either send you a request or write or wink in response)

4. Send virtual presents (everyone likes to receive gifts, even if they are not always real; this is a way to show significance to a person because you are unlikely to send them to everyone)

5. Watch online broadcasts (this is a way to look at a person’s life, the manner of communication; you are not always successful in photographs, aren’t you?)

6. Become a member of the group (often they are formed according to interests, look for your option)

7. Do not flip the news feed thoughtlessly (this is your way to keep abreast of the latest events, especially those people for whom you have plans)

8. Add to chats for adults (this is your chance to find out how to survive the betrayal, participate in the tee, exchange partners for sex, find a partner (s))

9. Participate in contests (this is your chance to stand out, be noticed)

10. Become a member of the game “Hot or Not” (a flirty game for adults)

12. Develop and invest in courses (online instructional videos for intimacy, how to meet ladies online and much more)

The AdultFriendFinder service is valuable in that it is beneficial and vital. Numerous people, thanks to him, were able to find a partner, return the joy of life, and have fun. The main goal when creating this online service was to help people find each other. The developers coped with this goal. Today, thousands of people from different parts of the world find partners, exchange experiences, gain knowledge, and relish life.

It’s excellent that you are not only having fun here and contemplating other people’s pictures, but you also have the opportunity to learn and improve yourself. For this, various chats and interest groups are created, and you can also become part of them. Moreover, you have the opportunity on this platform to connect to educational courses from Sex Academy. These courses are not even included in the paid package; you need to pay extra for them. In return, you will get the theory that you will not find anywhere. It will give you confidence in the relationship. Moreover, you have the opportunity to watch the videos of your friends and their live broadcasts, which is much more fun since it is happening in real-time than similar content such as on PornHub.

Due to the breadth of its geography, there are always thousands of people online at AdultFriendFinder. Since people who use this platform are in different time zones, they work according to different schedules (standard working hours from 9 am to 5 pm, night hours, floating hours), you can be assured that here you will not be alone. Once you are ready for new matches, AdultFriendFinder will provide you with resources for this.

AskMen feedback on AdultFriendFinder platform (author’s interpretation)

This Reddit thread is an exceptional opportunity to see how people use the site IRL who aren’t interested in promoting a website. It appears like numerous members use it for somewhat more than a match and are searching for related interests, mentality, and an account that doesn’t seem similar to the main page of Redtube. The lady who invented the thread also notices that there are fewer weirds than you’d suspect from a platform that looks like this. Indeed, several users will address you awkward messages during working times while you’re wondering, “Aren’t you at work?”.

But there are thousands of friendly people who warmly desire to have a conversation, match for dinner, or trifle with you without being vulgar. Warm communication without considering dishonored is possible. And what is pleasing is that the platform is a request to be pure with your aims so that approval can be directed openly.

Intriguing things at paid memberships

Earlier, we already introduced you to possible participation packages.

Utterly free for you are:

– message exchange

– sending friend request

– viewing profiles and pictures on them

– joining the chat

Naturally, you can get the juiciest charms only as a paid member of the AdultFriendFinder service. The principle of the Golden Membership is as follows: you have to earn points that are not cash, but rather virtual money equivalents.

How are points earned?

You can get points for your activity on the website, so you get free access to paid content. But using these points, you will either have to renew your membership by becoming a paid club’s member or earn and accumulate points — some analogy for the game. You could pay points for photos or videos of participants if they pleased you. Using points, you get access to obscene videos, which for other participants are shown as blurry. It should be noted that the more points you accumulate, the more joy you will get from using the service.

Earning points through activities is a very long-drawn process. Honestly, it’s much easier to pay for Golden Membership and enjoy all the benefits. The price for this kind of content is symbolic.

What will the golden membership give you?

1. Confidence in the profile

Taking into account the specifics of this platform, you can meet not truly adequate people. Therefore, often, people relate with a dose of concern to this kind of dating. As a member of the Golden Membership, you partially confirm your status.

2. Member status

As a member of a paid package, you are acquiring a new status, and you are no longer compared to those who use the service for free. You become one level higher. I will not surprise you much if I say that often, the girls on this platform do not respond if only you are not a member of the gold membership.

3. Unlimited access to content

There will be no more closed photos and videos; now, everything is prepared for use.

It all depends on your goals, expectations. As soon as you begin to notice that you spend a significant part of your life on this service, then think about switching to paid content. It will open up many new opportunities for you. So, for example, you will be shown higher in the search results among other participants. Moreover, you will have unlimited access to messages. On the free version, the number of emails is still limited. We are not sure whether you can delete them and thus replenish the number of free-of-charge messages; you already check this by yourself on the website.

Gold membership is the key to everything previously closed. If you could watch only a profile photo on a free package, now you will have the opportunity to access all personal photo albums and videos of members.

Developers value and encourage their members of the gold club, so the more time you spend on the site and the more money you pay, the more success you are guaranteed. Being omnipotent on the site with a paid package, you thereby simplify the search for others in your account – that is, more chances for new acquaintances, more photos and videos, more flirtation and intrigue.

For your part, you make it visible to the developers that you like their product, and you want to work with them for a more extended amount of time, they give you a discount for this. Therefore, the more extended membership package you choose, the cheaper it will cost you. So, for example, a monthly membership, subject to an annual subscription, will cost you only $ 14.56. For comparison, monthly membership for a monthly subscription is $ 32.39, more than two times more expensive.


1 month – 32.39 dollars / month

3 months – $ 21.58 / month

1 year – $ 14.56 / month

Good for: unbiased people searching for a quick meeting

Excellent service for people who are tired of beating around the bush, but want to get what they want, without looking odd. Here all the people who have gathered share common views and expectations. It is not the platform on which serious, long-term relationships are maintained. This platform is created for intrigue and entertainment. An attractive solution for those who have recently completed a relationship is not ready for new ones yet, but physiological needs need to be satisfied. Moreover, on this platform in chats, you will receive a lot of support and advice on how to survive the breakup, and after that, you will find a partner with whom you can let off steam.

If you are suffering from self-doubt, this service is fixable. From the significant number of people who use the site, maximum attention, and compliments come. This platform enhances self-confidence; you will feel welcome and adored, like nowhere else. Do not doubt that you will receive a considerable number of messages from people who want to get acquainted with you, meet with you, and relax. With experience, you will understand how this service works, which words receive responses, and which remain unanswered. There are no such strict rules for conducting conversations as in ordinary life or on other platforms for online datings, such as Facebook, for example. The site is created for random meetings, without preludes per se.

The openness of the AdultFriendFinder platform allows its members to feel at ease, free, without burdening themselves with assessments and convictions. It doesn’t matter what nationality, gender, the weight you are, what views you share, and which partners you prefer. They love everyone equally, and everyone will find a partner for himself.

If you had experience with online dating sites and it was not positive, then most likely, it is now difficult for you to decide. AdultFriendFinder can open up a sea of ​​new opportunities for you, expand your sexual knowledge, and bring you together with people whom you would not meet in other circumstances. You are guaranteed success in the service if you:

1. regularly update your profile and add new photos there

2. shoot videos and broadcast videos with exciting content for your audience

3. are not afraid to make new acquaintances

4. are active

5. initiate new connections.

Bad for: Cynics and people searching for a serious relationship

This platform is not suitable for conservatives, for cynics. You must understand that since the site is designed for random sexual intercourse, pictures from the last trip or a flower you like are not published here. Current content is photos of dicks and boobs. Is such material close to you, and would you like to see it daily, or at least on weekends? If not, then this service is not for you. Moreover, the site needs a redesign, so aesthetes and perfectionists will not like it. If you are romantic, this site will not suit you either, since lovers for “tougher” are here.

Do not expect a date with flowers, romance, which will end with an acquaintance with parents. It is not about AdultFriendFinder.

But it doesn’t mean at all that in the end you don’t have a happy ending, that a meeting that was once planned as random will not be the beginning of a close relationship with time. We want to leave you some hope.

The downsides of AdultFriendFinder

The design of the site does not inspire confidence because of images, ads, a set of words. It is clear why this website was created, and it helps partners find each other. Here, the issue is more likely how it is presented. From the moment of registration, you become directly attacked by naked photos of unknown people, and this is repulsive. There are more gentle methods for positioning the site. Graphics and photographs are from the distant past; moderation certainly is required.

The website is outdated in terms of both design and development. It lags behind competitors since there is no application for smartphones. Perhaps this is due to the age of the target audience, which is not as socialized as young people, and there is no need for smartphones since the target audience uses only the desktop version. Moreover, this is not the site and content that you need to watch on the road when passengers are standing above you in transport. Maybe with that in mind, AdultFriendFinder still does not have an application. We do not know the actual reason, and we can only guess.

The alternatives

AdultFriendFinder is the market leader in casual one-time dating. Competitors include,, iHookup, and But with such names, they are not taken seriously. All of them were created for one purpose – to bring people together for a one-time meeting.

AdultFriendFinder is a legitimate platform with the broadest and most diverse audience. Accordingly, the diversity of the audience attracts new members.

A severe competitor for AdultFriendFinder is iHookup. So far, he is only following the leader; nevertheless, he has every chance to take a leading position in the market soon. IHookup is eight years old, which is why it is much more contemporary and innovative than AdultFriendFinder. Moreover, it has a smartphone application, thus attracting a young target audience. Calls to action and service descriptions are more cautious than the previous one. The word “sex” does not occur every three lines, but is replaced by more cautious counterparts, such as “casual connections based on physical attraction.” Since the service is still young, the audience is not so broad and diverse, so it is difficult for them to attract new users even with their excellent design and innovative approach.

The final verdict

AdultFriendFinder is the most ambitious service for finding friends with benefits in the shortest possible time, without burdening yourself with obligations. You know in advance about the motives and desires of all participants in this service, and then you do not need to be deceived. The service created an atmosphere of revelation, trust, freedom, and mindfulness.

This service is not suitable for everyone, and this is obvious. Few people are ready to go to such extremes and get acquainted with intimate relationships online without having information about a person. Moreover, this service does not encourage such information. Here you will meet not many people who want to talk to you and tell you about themselves. Despite the openness of the service and displaying candid photos, people are still cagey concerning their personalities, as they believe that it does not matter to others. This model of behavior forms the corresponding content of the entire network of members.

AdultFriendFinder is designed for people who do not want a serious relationship, but only want to satisfy their physiological needs and nothing more. Here people meet who, under other circumstances, would never meet.

If you feel courage, adventurism, and willingness to act, then go and register for AdultFriendFinder. We can guarantee that you will not remain indifferent. Maybe you will be partially shocked, or satisfied, or annoyed or happy, but indeed not indifferent.

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