Explore the Mysterious World of Mail Order Brides

Mail order brides sites are quite common today. However, some men still seem to be wrapping their heads about the way such websites work. In fact, their operation logic is quite simple — these services are international dating apps that can introduce eligible grooms to prospective foreign matches. Since the final relationship goal on such sites is marriage, these platforms welcome straight people only. Male users are usually located in the developed Western countries, while the prospective brides may come from any country in the world.

All in all, brides services are perfect for any man interested in getting married and forming a traditional, nuclear family. If you are one of those men and if you are eager to give one of these platforms a try, the next question arises. Where exactly should you start looking? The world is huge, and women in all of those far-away countries probably seem alien to you. Make use of our beginner’s guide to international online dating. It should give you more ideas about the best destinations for brides hunting and the essential features a reputable website must necessarily provide.

Top things to note about mail order brides

For starters, we should dig a little deeper into the terminology. After all, the whole ‘mail order bride’ phrase does not sound too flattering, right? For some people, it may even imply actual shipment — and, as shipments go — a prior purchase. This, of course, is never the case, as no one in the world can legally sell people. Still, the term implies that you can order communication with prospective matches and pay for it. Should you find a woman you want to marry, the site will assist you in settling all necessary paperwork.

By now, you should have a quite legitimate concern about paying some third-party for communication with your prospective matches. It seems unnecessary, right? In reality, it’s usually safer to pay a couple of bucks per month and rest assured that you are chatting with real women, not some fake accounts or even robots (that are growing excessively smarter and more human-like each day).

A reliable service, specializing in international marriages, will verify each lady’s identity before this lady is allowed to join the platform. More importantly, site management stays in touch with female users to make sure all profiles stay real. Since none of these security measures are present on free dating sites, it may be a good idea to pay and stay certain that neither your time nor effort is wasted on fake profiles.

Next concern most single men seem to share are the ladies’ intentions. Some believe that since most women on brides sites come from less developed countries, all of these users are interested in relocation, nothing else. Some may even tell you that a mail order wife will divorce her husband the moment she has a chance. Once again, this assumption is nothing but prejudice mixed with ignorance. Over 80% of international marriages do NOT end up in divorce. This is a higher stat than local marriages can boast. So, once again — it’s not about money or green cards.

Still, one should wonder — why would a woman want to uproot her life and relocate to a foreign country? Why won’t she marry a local man? Is there anything wrong with her? A quick look at eligible brides’ profiles will convince you that there is definitely nothing wrong with their appearance. On a hotness scale, most girls on international dating sites rate from ‘pretty’ to ‘gorgeous.’ 

What is it, then? Character flaws? High expectations? No and no. Usually, its disappointment with the local matches — and not because of high, unrealistic expectations from a groom. Often, this disappointment has a lot to do with the social situation in the country, as well as its stiff, often outdated traditions. Plus, you may have your own reasons to consider international dating rather than stick to local matches, right?

Some gentlemen in the West are disappointed by how career-centered women have become. Others are appalled by their irresponsible consumption habits. Quite a few men dislike aggressive feminism, which has long become common in the ‘civilized’ world. Same as you, foreign brides have their own reasons for disappointment. In some countries, male infidelity and family violence are still common occurrences. In some others, women do not have a say in many important matters — some are not even free to choose their husbands. This list can go on, and we will take a closer look at it in the paragraphs below. Right now, it’s enough to know that online brides are not interested in your wallet. Most of them are keen on finding a good spouse — so, your goals here should clearly coincide.

Popular regions for meeting mail order brides

Technically, you can explore any location — practically all countries will have websites introducing you to eligible brides. Some larger networks will even deal with entire continents, so you do not necessarily have to narrow down your options too much. Below, we will describe only the most popular regions — regions most grooms seem to favor. Women on these continents are very different, and their reasons for joining an international brides club are plenty. Still, most of these ladies make amazing wives and mothers, which is exactly why so many Western men fall head over heels in love with them.

Latin America & its striking hotness

Everyone knows how hot Latin women are, and very few men have reason to doubt their homemaking skills. Still, a wife is more than a pretty face and a housekeeper. And, as it happens, Latin brides can offer a lot to a man who dreams of starting a family. They are energetic, easy-going, cheerful, and they are obsessed with children. However, you should remember that they are also religious and would not tolerate marital infidelity. Most of them have had their share of cheating boyfriends, so they are looking for something different abroad.

Eastern Europe & its undeniable charm

If hot Latin women are a bit too hot for you, or you’re not exactly a church-goer, you want to give Eastern Europe a try. Here, women are quite calm about religion and its rituals. Instead, they usually have excellent education and great careers. Plenty of Eastern European countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, and the Republic of Belarus, are populated by smart and sophisticated Slavic beauties.

These women are tougher than they look, and most of them can easily combine working a full-time job with keeping a house and raising the children. Sadly, local men seem to take their efforts for granted and expect them to work three ‘shifts’ a day: the work, the kitchen, the kids. Sooner or later, ladies grow tired of that and start looking for a man who would give them a hand —occasionally, at least.

Asia & its Oriental mysteries

If you are hoping for something even more exotic, Asia may be the top destination for you. You should also note that Asian women dating online are kind of ‘rebels.’ Most of them are tired of patriarchal communities and forced marriages. So, they are hoping to build a better life for themselves, and none of them is afraid of a challenge.

However, in Western terms, an Asian rebel is the calmest and most obedient of wives. A woman like this will never criticize her husband — some social norms are already hardwired in their blood. Still, no matter how great it sounds — get ready for some cultural barriers and shocking cross-cultural discoveries. Most likely, your Asian wife will forever remain a mystery to you — our worlds are way too different. But such cultural differences also make dating these hotties more exciting!

Features to mind when choosing a dating agency

Even though the vast majority of brides sites are reliable, it still does not mean that you will enjoy using every single one of them. When you have your precise location defined, you may still find more than one dating site in this area. So, you might want to consider additional questions. Answering those will help you choose a service fully tailored to your needs.

Website audience and demographics

The majority of brides sites will be focused on women’s nationality and country of origin. Still, you may be interested in other criteria as well. Age is an obvious example here. Once again, the dominant demographics for dating online are somewhere between 27 and 35 years old. Still, it’s always possible to find platforms, favored by younger or older audiences. If you choose a popular destination, it will also mean that the competition in the market is fierce. So, some services may go even further than that and restrict their websites to users of specific religion, income, or occupation — all within the same larger geographic region.

Available subscription plans and their cost

It’s no surprise that different sites will offer you different prices, and you will probably want to stick to affordable platforms. But, before you even start comparing the prices, you should note that the billing plans may differ in their logic. For example, some sites will simply sell subscriptions. Others will bill customers for every feature they use. In the first case scenario, a subscription will usually buy unlimited access to certain communication means. In the second case, you’ll have to pay for all letters and minutes of chat separately.

Both approaches have their pluses and minuses. Usually, ordering communication means in bulk is cheaper — especially when you are just meeting the ladies and chatting to several of them. On the other hand, paying only for the messages you need offers more control over your finances. Besides, sites that run on a subscription basis will usually offer cheaper and more expensive subscription types. Cheaper plans include only written communication, while more expensive ones allow access to voice and video chats. Per-credit system is more flexible and allows you to pay for the perks you need when you need them — without any regular-payment commitments.

Extra perks you’ll get for your money’s worth

If you decide to go with a site that works on subscription, you should make sure you understand every feature included in your payment plan. Besides, even subscription-based services should offer additional features for an extra cost. Many websites have local offices in the major cities of the countries they deal with. These offices can deliver local gifts to your matches. Of course, such gifts will cost more than same-value presents in your neighborhood store. But, you will not be paying for international delivery — so, in the end, it’s going to be way cheaper. Besides, the most popular gifts are flowers. And can you imagine shipping a bouquet by international mail?

Additional support and assistance

Most importantly, you should stick to sites that act as reliable dating agencies, not as mainstream dating sites. A dating site can only guarantee online communication, nothing else. A legit dating agency accepts more responsibility than that. On request, they can help arrange a date with your match, for example. They can provide you with cheap flights, good hotels, airport transfer, even local guides if you need them.

Another feature to look out for is legal help with getting a marriage permit. A platform that deals with international marriages should, at least, provide some legal consultations on that matter. However, most of them go even further than that and offer a hand when it comes to visas, filling in embassy forms, etc. This advice may seem premature, but if you do find the woman of your dreams online, it would be better to have some legal advisors at hand.

Takeaway on meeting your matches online

International online dating may take more time than the traditional one. At the same time, the chances of meeting a solid match online are somewhat higher. The only fact that you can indicate your individual search criteria already helps you filter out unsuitable matches. And, filtering those out in real-time gets a bit challenging and often requires a lot of time. 

Another reason to consider brides sites is the simple fact that these marriages last — and no one can argue with this statistic. Concerning money, you should once again compare the cost of onsite dating with online dating expenses. You’ll see that the latter are way lower. Of course, you cannot hope that the first lady you meet online will be your perfect match. Statistically speaking, that would be very unlikely. You should, however, find this lady eventually — if you have the patience and do not give up your search.