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Why do Indian women want to become brides

Why do beautiful Indian women become mail order brides in the first place? To find an answer to this question we need to look at the phenomenon of mail order brides themselves. Mail order brides appeared in demand in places with a high concentration of bold and opportunistic men seeking their fortune and riches abroad. For those men living in the parts of the world, huge shortages of female population (Wild West, for example) services of mail order brides were a blessing. What changed nowadays? There are pretty much no unexplored places left on Earth unless some men are willing to organize huge expeditions to the North Pole, Antarctica or build a huge city on the bottom of the ocean.

Nowadays mail order brides exist because numerous men all over the world suffer from loneliness and lack of a kin soul nearby. Even today with the whole Earth population above 7 billion people some individuals find their ways to feel lonely. Some feel like they were born in the wrong place, some see themselves unfit for modern times and their social tendencies. For these men, mail order brides may be a true blessing and a perfect solution, just like for their adventurous grandfathers who were conquering the Wild West. People feel like they can’t find the fitting partner in their immediate surroundings so they turn to seek themselves a future spouse on the web, where one can choose a mail order bride of any color, background, nationality, and traditions.

Why specifically Indian women become mail order brides? The Indian lady is the perfect example of a seductive bride that later becomes a loyal and obedient wife who is ready to go with her husband through thin and thick.  The Indian traditions raise beautiful women who are able to become the best wife possible for any men on Earth. If they are such perfect female beings, why do they have to seek a husband abroad? Are they not desired by local men? Are their wife qualities, loyalty, obedience, and benevolent personalities not appreciated in their homeland? Well, the reasons for sexy Indian women to become mail order brides are a little bit more complex than that.

India has the second-largest population on the planet Earth after China. The living conditions, income, and overall conditions vary greatly between different layers of Indian society. Even though women comprise around 48% of the overall Indian populace, some of them still seek their beloved men on the web. Why would they do it? The thing is that India is a rapidly developing economy and this condition creates a striking contrast between different parts of the population. Due to the quick developing of modern technologies and India becoming one of the important IT centers of the modern world, some people start to live in much better conditions, their living standards grow and with that their expectations about marriage evolve and increase. Due to the dramatic changes in Indian society, some of the females are rendered lonely and unable to find the men who are fitting to become their groom and husband afterward. Some of these lonely Indian beauties are just like you, they are seeking a soul mate on the Internet as they have failed to find their spouse in their homeland. They feel like they need something slightly different than an average Indian man can offer and that is why create profiles on dating websites in their search for personal happiness and marriage. The websites filled with profiles of sexy Indian brides are the true Klondike for Western men who seek a wife equally hot and loyal.

Another interesting feature of Indian women and their culture is that their parents play a huge role in their lives. Family traditions and India are conservative and loyal to the standards that have been developed over the centuries. Therefore, girls in Indian families are raised to be polite, quiet and obedient. Indian wife listens to every word of her husband and respects her father beyond all measure. Like in good old times (or not so good) the fate of the child’s marriage is often decided by their parents. India is a country where the tradition to engage at the very you age (10-12 years) is still alive. Parents of the kid find a family they see fir to set an alliance with and engage their child with another clan’s offspring of the opposite sex. Such a tradition is not exclusive to India, but India serves a great example.

Some of the more progressive Indian ladies do not want to obey such rules the find tyrannical. Even among old fashioned and traditional Indian society, there are individuals who do not want their personal life and family matters to be decided by their family, no matter how much they love their relatives. The ladies of India who have shown this degree of personal independence oftentimes do not find understanding among their fellow Indian men and so they are forced to look for a foreign (preferably western) man who has different standards, upbringing and views on family affairs.

Why beautiful Indian women are popular among foreigners?

That is a question easily answered. A lot of men who live a lonely life in modernized societies of developed countries experience solitude due to the discrepancy of their personal desires and tendencies of their surroundings. Emancipated western women who chose to pursue personal growth and career don’t usually become desired marital partners for their countrymen. Successful men who have managed to build their careers and establish a solid position in society look for women who will be dedicated to the household and family. A person who works 60-70 hours per week in order to earn a fortune needs a place they can call home, a place that can be their shelter hidden far from the adversities of the outside world. Who will be the housekeeper if two go-getters marry? That’s right, nobody will have time for this, so divorce and quarrels are soon to follow.

Western men of nowadays are stuck in complicated nets of their conditions and desires. They want their woman to be a housewife, but the one who is open-minded, modernized and tight with social norms nowadays. Men out there are looking for a complicated combination of traditional upbringing and openness to the new experience. On the other hand, Indian women who look for a foreign husband on the mail order bride websites, seek a wealthy and settled man that will appreciate the old-fashioned Indian approach to family and love, but still, treat her like an equal human being. So the western gentlemen are trying to find slightly more conservative ladies, and Indian women seek a little bit more open-minded men. This is a perfect opportunity for any man who is looking for a mail order bride should seize. The unique combination of the ancient culture and progress is what makes swarthy Indian hotties the best choice for marriage.

Why Indian women become the best wives

As it was mentioned, women of India possess rich cultural baggage of ancient Indian traditions, handed down from generation to generation. A typical Indian family is an example of a classic social group with a husband at the top of the hierarchy and a wife supporting his decisions, taking care of the house and looking after an army of little tanned kids. The lady of the house in Indian society possesses the common responsibility of handling the day-to-day household routine, raise kids, and cook for the entire family. Thus, every beautiful Indian woman is a genetically coded caring mother, household administrator and an exceptional chef.

With such a spouse by your side, you will not have to worry about your home being your quiet bay and impenetrable fortress. If you are a wealthy and busy man that is happy to find and marry an Indian lady, you are guaranteed a delicious freshly cooked dinner waiting for you each day, and a caring hand of your beloved soulmate that is ready to bring peace to your mind and shelter you from the tiresome and demanding concerns of the pressing society.

Even though your Indian spouse will be all busy hovering around you and getting everything needed for a happy and fulfilling life, you will be not the only one getting her thorough attention. An Indian wife becomes a great mother for her kids as she takes their upbringing with full seriousness of her demanding culture and traditions. Kids will have their mother present constantly around them attending to their needs, feeding them with breakfast, giving them her maternal wisdom, playing games with them and overall teaching how to live. Social norms, etiquette, manners, decency, rules of behavior: all these aspects will be thoroughly taught to your kids with such an attentive mother around.

If you feel like you will need some private time or you simply prefer your wife not to be sitting around at home all day, fear not, as wives from India can masterfully combine their family duties with a full-time job, and succeed in latter. Impressive and seductively beautiful women of India have what it takes to be a lady of the house and a diligent member of the working class. Hard-working is something that Indian girls soak in with their mother’s milk, so don’t be surprised to see your woman successful and various different spheres of life.

What should you know about Indian Brides

One should learn to be careful around the captivating beauty of seductive Indian brides wearing their vivid traditional outfits, as most men tend to find Indian beauty alluring as a siren’s call. India is a country of rich and ancient culture, each aspect of which has been honed and shaped throughout countless years. Fashion, of course, is a vital part of culture, so traditional clothes play an important role in every Indian citizen’s life, especially women, knowing their love of cloth and jewelry. As their tradition nurturing, a lot of Indian female attires stood the time test and passed through centuries to nowadays without many changes.

Indian brides are extremely attentive to men they interact with, so they struggle to make the best possible impression on the man that can potentially become their husband. Women of India know how to dress and bear themselves in a decent society, so their charm is almost irresistible for the man that has caught their attention. Even though they absolutely love their colorful national cloth, Indian women do not shun modern trends of business and casual fashion. In fact, they mastered those today’s trends as gracefully and effortlessly, as they did with their stunning historic outfit.

Another important thing you should is that most Indian girls look for long-standing relationships. Yes, they’re old fashioned and believe in “forever together”, so do not waste your time with Indian beauties if you simply plan to hook up and then hit the road. An Indian lover will not disappear the next morning you sleep with her, instead, she will fix you breakfast and plan your future marriage together.

Facts about Indian women

So, in order to understand the nature of gorgeous ladies from India let’s review a few well-known facts about them.

They are exquisitely beautiful. Men are attracted to beautiful Indian women like insects to light for a good reason. Sexy women of India possess the captivating appearances for all men around the globe. Several studies have proved that men tend to prefer tanned skin over pale, and dark hair over blonde hair. Indian women possess these captivating natural colors, and it’s very hard for men to resist the sparkling look of their hazelnut eyes. The bodies of Indian women is an entirely different topic that proves the appearance of Indian women to be its own league. Feminine and expressive waistline leaves men speechless. There is a good reason why belly dance was invented in India. Ingenious lasses of India emphasize their signature seductive bodily features with their traditional dances to disarm gentlemen from any self-control and decency.

They dress sharply. Women of India learn how to properly dress even before they master the usage of their ruinous beauty. As we’ve already learned that dressing properly is an important aspect of Indian culture it is completely safe to assure that ladies there have a shorthand with fashion and cloth. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, Indian women appear dressed stunningly and appropriately. Should it be an office, wedding ceremony, family dinner, picnic or just casual outfit – Indian girls will nail it perfectly with their impeccable taste and style. They know how to dress tight and modest for a business meeting, but they also perfectly nail their traditional saree attire. Indian brides wearing their traditional saree attire are absolutely irresistible. The astounding amount of glittering jewelry may look vulgar, distasteful or simply grotesque on some ladies, but not on Indian brides. They mystically seem to find their way to make all that mass of flickering rings, necklaces, bracelets, and golden chains look harmoniously and elegant.

They cook like chefs. Indian cuisine is well-known all over the world for its spicy and hot temper. Women of India learn to tame the fiery savors of their traditional cuisine since they are little kids. Mexican food is best sampled in Mexico, for French wines you should fly to France and Indian dishes are best cooked by Indian women. Be sure that a wife from India will be able to cook you any meals of your liking and surprise you with her signature dishes and traditional Indian spicy food. Do not expect to miss your breakfast and even again be hungry at home.

Myths about Indian women

Along with the well-known qualities, there are a few myths circulating around gorgeous Indian females. These myths and misconceptions are typical sexist statements that are easily denied and busted by the women of India themselves. Let us bust a few myths together:

Indian women do not belong in science. It is said by some people, that women (Indian women in particular) do to belong to STEM. Well, that is easily busted by the successful female physicists, MDs and IT specialists hailing from India. India is developing rapidly and some of the Indian cities fully transformed into technological and scientifical hubs (like Bangalore or Chennai). Smart and educated people are in high demand and their sex or gender does not matter. Indian women are not afraid of engaging in technological and business competition and they prove their contribution to be no less valuable than male efforts.

Indian women are only as good as housewives. This silly and sexist misconception is proven wrong by numerous Indian females working in offices alongside male coworkers.  Women of India are capable of combining a full-time work with a household routine and they do a fantastic job with their multitasking abilities. Are men capable to succeed equally at home and at work as Indian women do? Maybe, but they are yet to prove it.

What makes Indian girls unique

Well, we can easily say that a miraculous mix of natural beauty, cooking talent, flawless style, and multitasking is what makes Indian women so uncommon and exclusive. The creation of such extraordinary female species requires a specific cultural and social environment and that’s what India itself kindly provides to its female population. Their genes and ethnic specifics provide unbelievably gorgeous appearance. Rich cultural backgrounds molds their unique and caring personalities, and a swiftly developing spirit of modern Indian IT hubs tunes local ladies into the mood and trends of the 21st century.

Where to find Indian mail order brides

Maybe, the best place to find an Indian bride is India itself but we would argue itself. Even though traveling to India guarantees finding an authentic 100% Indian woman with all her awesome qualities, but flying overseas is definitely an expensive exercise. The price of plane tickets, visas, transportation, and accommodation is staggering. Although, it is an extremely risky and foolhardy affair to travel somewhere without knowing what are you going to get.

That is where mail order bride websites kick in with their irresistible offer. Indian mail order bride websites gather the same authentic and fantastically hot Indian women who are eager to meet you and become your lovely wife. Finding yourself a perfect match online is an excellent strategy that allows you to succeed and save your valuable time simultaneously. When you meet someone online you have plenty of time to get to know them better, communicate and see if there is any spark between you two. You don’t need to pay for any transportation or accommodation with your precious time and hard-earned money. In the beginning, you just pay the website fees and communicate with as many hot brides as you want until you find the right one. Once your sure this particular hot Indian bride is the one, you can travel there to meet her in person or pay for her transportation.

When an Indian woman becomes your wife

Marrying a beautiful woman from India has its undeniable perks every sane man would be happy to have. When a gorgeous Indian lady steps into your bachelor’s life, changes and spirit of warm hearth follow her through.

Indian wives are feminine and charming. Sexy Indian ladies will always remain captivating and desirable to their men even after several years of marriage. Indian women are very attentive to people around them, so she will make sure to memorize what you like and always heat up your interest towards her. With an Indian wife, your desire will never quench and life will never be dull.

They make excellent mothers. As was said before, family and kids are always the main priorities for Indian wives. Naturally attentive and caring mothers, wives from India make sure that the kids and their father get all the required attention. They bring the kids to be sincere, polite and respectful, just like their mothers from the homeland taught them to be.

Tips on dating Indian women

Due to the specifics and cultural background of Indian women, western men will need to memorize a few important things when they date a hot girl from India. Being a slightly old-fashioned gentleman is the man advice here, but we will do you courtesy of pointing out a few valuable tips:
Be polite and respectful. Indian girls are raised to be polite and respectful to their fathers and any other men who they speak with but do not expect Indian ladies to be pushovers. Though women in big Indian cities keep up the pace with modern times, they still prefer traditional courtesies when it comes to dating.

Be confident. Women like men who know what they want. Confidence and strength of will are the top qualities most of the ladies seek in gentleman. Don’t confuse confidence with impudence and you will be able to easily win the hearts of Indian women.

Show interest in their culture. The Indian culture is ancient and rich beyond all measure. Nobody expects you to know it back and forth from the very birth of civilization on Indian territory to modern times, but get at least some superficial knowledge. Local ladies will be mighty impressed.

Advantages of hot Indian Brides

Indian brides have several advantages in comparison to their counterparts from other countries. Let’s name a few advantages Indian brides will have over American brides:

Loyalty. Most of the Indian women seek only a serious and long-term relationship. In their world, there is no place for cheating and infidelity. Hookups and one-night-stands are also not their cup of tea. This may be more of a disadvantage to some people, but we can assure you that a bride with a loyal and modest set of mind is much better for a commitment than a light-minded lass.

Housekeeping. Unlike many other women who like to travel and tend not to create any special connection with the place they currently sleep in, women from India are the trough household masters. They will do their best to create a special comfortable atmosphere at home you’d want to come back to every day.

Exceptional cooking skills. We will have to repeat it once again, as in comparison to western ladies, Indian women are truly exceptional cooks, that are able to familiarize themselves with several different cuisines and keep a lot of recipes in mind without searching them on the Internet.

Indian dating websites or marriage agencies

There are a lot of different mail order bride websites that offer an opportunity to meet Indian women. Overall, mail order bride agencies are a legitimate business with a long history of success and thousands of satisfied customers. Even though these agencies have been on the web for a while, there still can be unsavory businessmen who seek to full gullible customers and exploit their loneliness using fake women profiles, exorbitant fees and shady terms of usage. In order to help you navigate on this painstaking journey of searching the web for the legitimate dating platforms, we present you a list of our websites where you will be able to find real Indian brides:




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